Hoyt vs Mathews Bows: Comparing Their Best Models

Hoyt vs Mathews Bows

Picking a new bow can be a challenging task when you are faced with so many different companies, models and types. That is why we have decided to take two of the best bow manufacturers in the world and place them side by side to see who rises to the top.

What qualities make Hoyt and Mathew’s stand out? What brings each brand to the top of their game? What material choices have proven their products the best on the market? We will dive into the mechanics and specs of each bow and show you exactly what makes these bows the best that they can be, and what things Hoyt and Mathews do differently.

By the end of this article you should be able to identify which company focuses on the aspects most important to you, and decide for yourself which company is better for you.

A bit of a background:


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Started in 1931, Hoyt Bows has evolved from a simple wooden bow built with draw knives and wooden billets, into a world-renowned manufacturer offering stand-out craftmanship and innovative designs.

Since 1931, Hoyt has been an industry leader in creating new bow designs and ideas, creating more options than any other company in their time.

In 1972, when Archery returned to the Olympics, Hoyt dominated the competition with their bows winning gold medals in both women and men’s divisions.

With more than 90 years of innovation and manufacturing, Hoyt has proved themselves to not take any shortcuts in creating the best quality bows on the market. They are committed to creating new tech and adaptations to their tech that will always keep their bows ahead of the game.

Hoyt offer’s a large variety of products from Recurve Hunting and Target Bows to Compound Hunting and Target Bows. They offer a bow for any need you have, and they have all the equipment you will need.


Mathew’s Bows was started in 1992, when their creator, Matt Mcpherson invented Solocam technology. Mathew’s is proud of their ability to source only the best materials for their bows, and their ability to micromanage their manufacturing process so they can assure you only the best quality for their bows.

To back up their ability to keep on providing you with the best piece of equipment you will ever buy, Mathews offers a lifetime warranty on any bow you buy, so that you won’t have to worry when something goes wrong.

Mathew’s has had ideas every year that have made breakthroughs in industry technology to raise the standards in accuracy, speed, and stealth. Their engineers are dedicated to testing and developing tech that will go beyond the status quo.

Mathew’s is a proud manufacturer of many different Compound Bow’s for hunting and target shooting. They also offer a unique feature to their website called “Bow Builder”, where you can choose the type of Compound Bow you desire and customize the colors and options to those available.

Comparing Top Products:

We are going to take the top model Compound Bows from each company and place them side by side to see what makes each stand out, and what is similar.

Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Alpha VS Mathew’s Monster Safari

Both of these bows are the top in their model group, hunting. Both companies have identified what the most important qualities are in hunting, like stealth and stability, and have adapted these products to lead the market.


Hoyt built this bow with stealth as their top priority. They have made this one of the shortest premier hunting bows in the world. Whether you are hunting from a tree stand, or maneuvering around deep brush, this bow is compact enough to fit through the small spaces, so you won’t make a peep when aiming up for your target.

The Carbon features the quietest Cam system Hoyt manufactures called the ZTR. The ZTR has a harder back wall for a solid anchor point, which results in a quieter shot, and a smoother draw. They also understand that different hunters have different needs, so they have made this bow adaptable to two different Cam sizes to accommodate more draw lengths.

Hoyt features an Integrate Mounting System that is attached directly to the riser. This allows rests to be clamped directly to it which makes a strong connection that cannot rotate and is twice as secure as standard methods.

The Risers Hoyt uses on this bow and many other’s in their product like is made of 50 different Carbon components that are hand laid into a single piece. These risers are guaranteed to be tough and must survive 1,500 dry fires without failure before they are considered for the product line. Hoyt also made their risers to be narrower than their competitors so there is less hand torque, and more accuracy. This riser is lightweight, yet rigid and is specifically engineered to aid in vibration control. Hoyt has made this bow one of the quietest and most accurate bows for your shot. They have backed up their ability to silence your shot by adding another tech called Shock Pods to this bow, which dampens the vibration in your riser, leaving you with a nice shot and total silence.

The new technology Hoyt has created for this bow is called Stealthshot Technology. Hoyt has tested this method over and over and have perfected it kill as much noise as possible. They use an all new material that makes crushing noise easy and provides a cleaner and crisper arrow release for increased accuracy.

Hoyt wanted to make sure that you are comfortable when shooting this bow, so they included their exclusive, patent-pending adjustable grip system. This system adjusts left and right laterally for the best tuning. Based on your hand shape and your pressure points, you will be able to adjust this grip for the most comfortable and personalized grip you will ever feel.

To ensure that you get the best quality all around, Hoyt also puts the best of the best strings on this bow for you, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading. FUSE strings are built to resist stretching and wont twist.

Other qualities Hoyt focuses on are an integrated rear stabilizer mount for customization of your balance preference, roller cable guards for a silky-smooth draw, and an X-Act grip that makes sure your hand is in the proper position every time you shoot.

Let’s look at the specifics of this weapon:

  • 342 FPS
  • 29.5-inch length
  • 6.125- inch brace height
  • 3.9- pounds
  • 25-28 and 28-30-inch draw lengths
  • 30-40,40-50,50-60,55-65,60-70,70-80-pound draw weights

MSRP: $1,699.00 USD


Mathew’s built this bow with strength and stability in mind, that is why it is at the top of its game in the bow industry. Featuring a tech that truly makes it one of a kind, patent-pending Honeycomb Core Technology, you will never see another bow that looks like this, or feels like thins

Honeycomb core technology is the use of small hexagonal shaped cutouts through the entirety of the riser, so that when you are at full draw, wind is no longer your enemy. The Honeycomb make of this bow allows air to pass right through, while still being strong and sturdy. This Technology is found EXCLUSIVELY on this bow, so you won’t find this innovation anywhere else!

With exotic African wood inlays and the Honeycomb design this bow is a legitimate masterpiece when it comes to looks.

With so much see through area, it’s hard to imagine a bow like this would be so strong, but Mathew’s didn’t cut corners when it came to strong material. This bow is still able to offer 115 feet-per-pound of kinetic energy.

Another cool feature of this bow is the Quad V-Lock limbs, which provides a lot of power, and the weight doesn’t keep building during your draw. Because the weight it spread over a larger service area, it creates less stress on your limbs giving them a longer life.

The new grip on the Monster Safari is unlike any other in the Monster lineup and is completely torque free.

The Monster Safari comes with the Mathews Dead End String Stop which aids in dampening vibration and noise cancellation. You can compare this tech with Hoyt’s Stealthshot technology.

The AVS Cam system or Advanced Vectoring System is new from the Mathews company. This Cam technology allows you to adjust your draw in .5” increments and has a super smooth draw. You will feel very balanced and stable at full draw, and with the assistance of the Roller Guard it has little to no friction and guides your cable on the wheels effortlessly.


  • 350 Feet-per-second
  • 33-inch length
  • 6-inch brace height
  • 70 and 85-pound draw weight
  • 25.5-31- inch draw length

MSRP: $2,100.00 USD


Hoyt and Mathews come head to head when it comes to creating the best bow on the market. Both companies are constantly looking to create the next best tech, and with each company featuring patent-pending technology on their best bows, its exciting to imagine what they will do next.

Mathews Monster Safari totes a heavy price tag in comparison to the Hoyt Carbon Alpha, but that is most likely due to the cut time and precision of the honeycomb riser. Although both bows have amazing stability, I don’t think it gets much better than the Safari. Wind will never interrupt your full draw and it is still a very strong bow.

Hoyt has some of the best quality tech on the market, so you know you will be paying for complete excellence.

Speaking of price, both Hoyt and Mathew’s have some hefty price tags. The fact of the matter is, you know what you are paying for. Nothing great is done cheap. With the cheapest Hoyt bow being around $500.00 and the cheapest Mathews bow at $800.00, these companies don’t just put anything in their bows. Although even their cheapest bows are high in price, they are sure to be of the best quality. So, if you are considering one of these companies for your bow purchase but don’t have a large budget, know that even the cheapest bows from these companies will be of top quality and design.

When it comes to product design, you simply cannot choose who is a better company. They both do a fantastic job at innovating new bow ideas and manufacture them with the upmost care. With warranties in place to make sure your quality remains, both Hoyt and Mathews wants to guarantee you get the best bow for the entirety of its life

While Mathew’s takes the lead for now in new bow technology with the Honeycomb Core, we are excited to see Hoyts reply and what they will do next.

Now that you know a little more about each company, their goals, and their tech, you can make a sound decision on the company you would rather go with for your next bow purchase.