How Much Does a Paramotor Cost? (With 8 Examples)

How Much Does a Paramotor Cost?

Before you start looking at the cost of a Paramotor, let’s talk about the two different kinds of launches you can choose when deciding to purchase a Paramotor.

Did you know you could either have a standing Paramotor called a “Foot Launch” or a sitting Paramotor called a “Wheel Launch”?

Yes, you don’t have to be super strong to use a Paramotor. So, if you are thinking of flying but aren’t sure about the amount of weight you’ll have to carry on your back, consider a Wheel Launch Paramotor before you start hitting the gym. A Wheel Launch Paramotor is the more expensive route to go, but it does give you the comfort in extra protection when you land, and helps take the load off your back…literally!

What Does Each Type of Paramotor Launch Include?

Foot Launch: Usually a Foot Launch Paramotor includes the frame, harness, fuel tank, engine, propeller, backpack, and paraglider

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Wheel Launch: Usually a Wheel Launch Paramotor comes as its own unit called a Paramotor Trike, or it comes as an addition to a Foot Launch Model. The trike usually has 3 wheels, although some have 4 and can seat one or two people.

This is not to be confused with a Powered Parachute.

Most likely, you’ll be able to find a used Paramotor much cheaper than you can new. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. There are a lot of options to consider and many ways to customize your trike to your personal needs. When you buy a Paramotor you are going to want something that is comfortable for you…NOT SOMEONE ELSE.

If you are looking for something new, reliable and personally suiting, here are a few of our top options with pricing so you know what a reasonable used asking price is, and what kind of price you’ll be looking at if you decide to purchase a brand new Paramotor:

Foot Launch Options

1. Parajet Maverick:

The Parajet Maverick is a lightweight Paramotor with a titanium frame. The use of titanium in the frame makes for a strong, but low weight piece of equipment that will take some poundage off your back while still giving you a sturdy mount for your motor and seat. The whole frame is coated in Titanium Dioxide so that you can expect to keep your frame in tip top condition with no rust or corrosion. The whole Paramotor comes in snap fit and plug-and-play connectors for tool-less, easy assembly. The Vitorazzi Master 185 engine gives you 25 horsepower so you’ll have no trouble getting off the ground and soaring through the air. With the Maverick, you will also have a 4.5- gallon fuel tank.

The suggested pilot weight for the Maverick is 110-264 pounds (50-120 kg)

The weight of the Maverick is 22lb for the frame, 45lb for the motor, and 31lb for the engine, for a grand total of 98 pounds.

The Maverick comes in these color choices: blue, black, red, green, orange, and electric blue.

Price: Around $8,250.00 USD

2. Scout One Paramotor

The Scout One Paramotor is an even more powerful option at 27- horsepower with a Vitorazzi Master engine. This option is nice because you can travel a greater distance than a lot of it’s competitors can. The Scout One boasts a 12- Liter fuel tank. Just like the Maverick, the Scout one is also lightweight, but instead of titanium it is carbon fiber. The set up allows you to engage in hands- off flying, and includes a Smart Bar. The Scout also has Hybrid bars for more weight shifting ability. Even better, the Scout is EU Certified!

Price: Around $7,669.83 USD

3. Mini Plane

What I like about Mini Plane is that your Paramotor will be fully customizable! They offer 4 different types of motors, a variety of frames, offer trike additions, have a selection of propellers and have a whole bunch of part’s and add-ons on their website.

The four types of motors offered are the Top 80, Vittorazi, Simonini, and Minari. You can choose features that suit you, your weight, your style, and your preferences. Mini Plane is also a great place to look for a replacement part, and is a reputable dealer for used Paramotor’s if you would like to purchase used.

Price: Depends on build. Parts priced separately.

4. Bailey Aviation V5 4 Stroke

The 4 Stroke Paramotor is a great choice for a first Paramotor simply because it is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost, it is a little lighter in weight, and it has great safety features. With an alloy cage build and a carbon composite propeller, this machine is lightweight and is backed by some real power. It sports a 195cc manual engine with 20 Horsepower. You won’t fall short of your trip either, because this Paramotor has one of the biggest fuel tanks available at 11.5 liters. One of the best safety features of the Bailey Aviation V5 4 Stroke is that the cage was designed to collapse and absorb the impact in case of a crash. It also has a V5 Safety Cage with clear anodize for durability.

This is the only Paramotor I have found that has easy in air access to storage pouches. The Baily Paramotor has 2 6×9 pockets that are reachable and accessible while you are in flight.

If you are a taller flyer, you might find concern when you search for a Paramotor that your height or weight may pose a problem. But you won’t have to worry with this Paramotor, because they built it in large sizes to accommodate riders over 6 foot tall!

The weight of the 4 Stroke engine is 34.8 pounds, with the added frame and propeller it is a grand total of 82.67 pounds.

Price: Around $6,416.45 USD

Wheel Launch Options:

1. Parajet Volution 3 with Falko Trike

The Volution 3 is an optional Paramotor for foot launch or wheel launch. You can purchase the addition of the Falko Trike to complete the Volution into a fully operational Trike Paramotor. The Volution is a pretty powerful Paramotor with a 244cc engine and 36 Horsepower, proving that you will have no problem launching your trike into the air and keeping it there.

The weight of the Parajet Volution 3 with the addition of the Falko Trike is 37 pounds for the frame, 37.8 pounds for the motor and propeller, and 39.7pounds for the engine. This gives a grand total weight of 114.5 pounds.

Price: Volution without trike is around $8,195.00 US. With the trike it would cost around $14,280.00 USD.

2. Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike and Rodeo

The Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike is an aluminum and carbon cage optionally removable Paramotor Trike with the Rodeo Paramotor. The most sought-after feature for this Paramotor/ Trike combo is that your seat never actually touches the Trike. Unlike all other Wheel Launch Paramotors, the Nirvana has a fully suspended seat. The difference is, if you have a hard landing, your back is fully protected and will never hit those hard bars below you. In addition, it also has back protection so that you never feel the torque from the propeller. The Rodeo Paramotor comes complete with AustiAlpin Cobra straps for the best protection. It is also made with an aluminum and carbon cage for a sturdy but light weight machine. Plus, with a 27 horsepower, 2800rpm motor you won’t have to worry about not having enough power. The two pieces of this combo also have a no-tool assembly, so you can take it anywhere at anytime and never have a problem putting it together.

Another great quality of this trike combo is that it has a 10-Liter fuel tank. You will feel like you have been flying for hours.

The Nirvana Trike and Rodeo Paramotor have a suggested rider weight of 176 pounds- 352 pounds.

Price: The Rodeo Paramotor with the addition of the Nirvana Trike is around $12,500.00 USD.

3. Fresh Breeze One Striker

The Fresh Breeze One Striker Trike is a unique piece of machinery because the whole Trike can be folded in half! Also, for a Trike/Paramotor combo, it is quite the deal! Complete with a Thor 250 water cooled engine, this machine was built for power that will last. You can depend on your engine to keep on running.

With all else aside, this Trike/ Paramotor combo comes with something no other Paramotor can even compare to….

A 28 Liter fuel tank! That’s right, this Paramotor was built to last. With a combo of a giant fuel tank and a water-cooled engine, you will be in for a long flight!

Price: The One Striker will cost you around $7,000.00

4. Air Conceptions

Air Conceptions is another great website to use if you would like to fully customize your Paramotor. You can choose from a variety of light weight motors from the Nitro 200, 26.8-pound engine with 190cc and 28 Horsepower, up to the Tornado 280, 29.3-pound engine with 268cc and 33 Horsepower. Next, you can choose between 6 different frames. 3 of the frames are made in Titanium, and the other 3 are made in magnesium. All of the frames have the ability to attach a Trike. There is only one Trike option and that is the Solo Titanium Trike. It is built to fit all of the models so you won’t have to worry about slimming down your options to build the trike that you want. The trike is also super light at only 28.6 pounds.

Total weight of your Paramotor will depend on the options that you choose.

Price varies depending on the equipment you choose to built your trike. US prices start at $6860.00 and range up to $8730.00 without the addition of the trike.


There is no short answer to how much a Paramotor costs because it ranges so much based on the type of launch you want, what type of power you want or need, and your personal preferences. Obviously, you can choose to buy used and save yourself some money, but you’ll be riding in a machine constructed with someone else’s preferences in mind. It is always best to purchase a machine you trust that is built to your specifications.

Safety features are a great thing to look for on Paramotor’s due to the danger of the sport. Don’t skip out on important features like top of the line seat belts, collapsing frames, or fully suspended seats for back protection. These features could save your life in dire situations.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a Paramotor is that you will also need to purchase personal protective gear like goggles, helmet, flight suit, reliable shoes/boots for landing, etc.

As always, stay safe and have fun!

Enjoy your new (or used) Paramotor!