CFMOTO Side by Side Review (Everything to Know)

Average Side by Side Prices

When looking for the perfect side by side, its hard to decide what make or model to go with. CFMOTO has been in business for 18 years producing top quality equipment with custom designed parts that have been leading the industry since the start of their journey.

When CFMOTO had their start in 2002, they were producing outstanding parts for other power equipment companies throughout the world. In 2007 they decided that since their parts were top of the line, perhaps if they start making their own equipment, they will rise to the top as well.

With an expansion in Plymouth, Minnesota, CFMOTO has grown as a company and word has gotten out about their equipment.

CFMOTO’s mission has proved to be a success and throughout the years since their equipment has risen to be one of the best ATC companies in the world!

What puts CFMOTO’s equipment at the top?

CFMOTO makes side by sides for sport and utility purposes. This range helps CFMOTO focus on the elements in each style that will make them stand above the rest. Each type of side by side includes features that give it the ability to handle any task put before them. Whether its navigating through rocky terrain, or pulling farm equipment, their side by sides are made to please.

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CFMOTO’s sport utility side by sides are some of the best in the business. They are fast, have incredible turning ratio’s, different frame sizes to adapt to any usage need, and innovative wheel designs to prevent mud build up. With unique qualities and custom parts and engine, you are sure to be please with their performance. Lets look at each sport model in detail and how they stand above their competitors:

Z Force Series: This is the sport series. This series is complete with these special features:

  • Driven Clutch
  • Wet Clutch
  • Engagement for reliable performance
  • Wide or slim frame for trail accessibility
  • Independent suspension for a smooth ride
  • Innovative wheel design to prevent mud build-up

The ZForce Series has 4 different models. Each model features different sizes, capabilities and features that will make it easy for you to decide what vehicle will suit your needs:

ZFORCE 950 Sport: MSRP $12,999.00

    • This model is CFMOTO’s fastest side by side built for racing and speed. With a 79-horsepower engine with 8 valves hand made by CFMOTO, they guarantee this engine is the top of the line. Fully adjustable gas shocks and a solid one-piece steel frame with assure you that it will conquer any obstacle in its path and give you the comfort you need while navigate over rocky terrain. Lets look at all the specs that make this model one of a kind:
      • SPECS:
        • 79- horsepower V-Twin, liquid cooled 8-valve engine with high-volume intake filter
        • FEA optimized one-piece steel frame
        • AA arm front suspension with fully adjustable 11-inch travel gas shocks
        • QUADLINK rear suspension with fully adjustable 11.8-inch travel shocks
        • RIDEVISION high-intensity LED headlights
        • Full underside skid plates
        • Electric Throttle Control
        • PULSE multifunction color TFT display
        • CVTech transmission with engine braking
        • Quick Ratio variable EPS- inch ground clearance
        • 27-inch tires
        • 550- pound tow capacity with hitch
        • 3000- pound hitch
        • Roof
        • Tilt Steering
        • LED taillights
        • 220-pound capacity cargo rack
        • DC power
        • USB outlets
        • 963cc

ZFORCE 800EX: MSRP $11,799.00

    • This model was made for those who want to focus on power rather than speed. The 800EX has a little less horsepower, but it has more torque, a wider wheel base, more ground clearance, more weight, and front and rear independent suspensions on the front and rear.
      • SPECS:
        • Side doors
        • High Performance CVTech drive and driven clutches
        • 60-inch performance stance
        • 11.8-inch ground clearance
        • CST Performance tires
        • High intensity projector-beam headlights
        • Front & Rear stainless steel bumpers
        • CFMOTO 14-inch wheels
        • AA arms with adjustable coil over nitrogen gas shocks
        • Cargo and side nets
        • Premium adjustable shock
        • EPS
        • 3000-pound winch
        • ROPS Certified Cage
        • 3-point seatbelts
        • Tilt steering wheel
        • Mulit-function digital dash
        • 2-inch hitch with power socket
        • 800cc
        • 62- horsepower
        • 26-inch tires
        • 6.5-gallon fuel capacity

ZFORCE 500 & 800 Trail: MSRP $9,099.00 and $10,999.00

    • The trail models by CFMOTO are made for..well..the trails! With independent shocks, half-doors, roof, trail mirrors, and cargo nets this side by side has everything you will need for a day out on the trails. The trail models come in the less powerful 500 and the more powerful 800 for whichever you prefer.
      • SPECS for 500:
        • Doors
        • CVTech drive and driven clutches
        • 50-inch trail stance
        • 11.2-inch ground clearance
        • EPS
        • High-intensity projector beam headlights
        • CFMOTO 14-inch alloy wheels
        • AA arms with adjustable coil over nitrogen gas shocks
        • Cargo and side nets
        • Premium adjustable shock
        • Front and rear stainless-steel bumpers
        • 3000- pound winch
        • 3-point seat belts with alarm light
        • Tilt steering wheel
        • Multi-function digital dash
        • ROPS certified cage
        • 2-inch hitch receiver with power socket
        • 495cc
        • 38- horsepower
        • 32 feet per pound torque
        • Bosch EFI fuel system
      • SPECS for 800
        • Same as 500
        • 62- horse power
        • 800cc
        • 53 feet per pound torque

U-Force Series:

The CFMOTO U-Force Series is made for hard work and fun. With some of the same features of the sport series, the U-Force Series also has a lot of handy features to make working less of a hassle. With a larger cargo weight capacity. The U-Force Series has 3 different models:

U-Force 500: MSRP $9,099.00

    • High-performance CVTech drive and driven clutch
    • Dumping cargo box
    • 600-pound cargo box capacity
    • Nitrogen gas spring assist lift
    • Safety doors
    • 14-inch alloy wheels
    • Self-draining vinyl seat design
    • 1025- pound towing capacity
    • 3000- pound winch with wireless remote
    • LED projector beam headlights
    • 2-inch receiver with power socket
    • 495cc
    • 38- horsepower
    • 32-feet per pound torque
    • 10.2-inch ground clearance
    • Bosch EFI fuel system

U-Force 800: $10,999.00

    • Same features of 500 except:
    • 800cc
    • 1250- pound cargo capacity
    • 53- feet per pound torque
    • 3,500-pound winch
    • Delphi Electronic Fuel System

U-Force 1000: MSRP $11,999.00

    • Same Features as 500 and 800 except:
    • 3 person bench seat
    • 963cc
    • 79- horsepower engine
    • Multiple large volume storage bins
    • Drive by wire electronic throttle for smooth operation
    • Gullwing front A-arms
    • 60 feet per pound torque
    • Bosch Electronic Fuel System
    • 11.4- inch ground clearance
    • Roof
    • 10.5-gallon fuel tank

You’ll notice that CFMOTO has very competitive pricing. This is because a lot of the more expensive parts aren’t outsourced, they make their very own and have for years. CFMOTO has provided for other companies for years and now uses their own great products that have been used in competitor’s equipment in their own machines. Of course, CFMOTO made sure to only include their top of the line models to make sure that they stand above everyone else.

You get top of the line quality for just a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. To prove to you just how much “bang” you are getting for your buck, we’ve placed CFMOTO’s 800 trail next to a very similar vehicle, the Polaris RZR 900 to see how it compares in features. These are all the features you will get with the CFMOTO 800 Trail that you will not get with the Polaris RZR:

  • Roof
  • Mirrors
  • Alloy wheels
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 3000-pound winch
  • Automotive paint
  • LED headlight accents
  • 2-inch receiver winch with outlet
  • Horn

While the Polaris RZR offers all of these as add on features, you will still get the best deal with CFMOTO.

The CFMOTO 800 Trail is $10,999.00

The Polaris RZR 900 is $13,399.00

The Polaris RZR 900 with all of the additional add-ons mentioned above is $15,999.00

Don’t shy away from CFMOTO because the price is too good to be true, because it isn’t. Its just true! CFMOTO takes pride in their custom parts and with a proven history of efficiency in their competitors vehicles, why not buy directly from the source!

Because CFMOTO is a lesser known company right now to the market, it isn’t exactly the first company that pops up in your google search. But when comparing their models side by side with Can Am, Polaris, Kawasaki, and all of the other big name brands out there, their vehicles show similar, the same, or even better in performance and style.

A lot of people turn away from CFMOTO because their headquarters are in China and the vehicles are made their as well. The question comes up with durability after all the travelling they have to do to get to other countries, but customers have reported that the reliability of the CFMOTO vehicles is similar to that of Polaris. There have been a few claims of having problems with the front differential upon the first few days of ownership and a problem with acceleration, but overall the reviews on this equipment are pretty good.

Customers have reported that the CFMOTO UTV’s handle very well in mud, over rocky terrain, in sand, and in mounded race tracks. CFMOTO’s have gone up against other top models in races around the globe and have been successful and either beaten or come close in competition. Agriculture base business vouch for CFMOTO’s towing abilities and their remote-controlled dump cargo boxes are especially helpful.


When considering a purchase from CFMOTO, I think that it is safe to say that they stand up handsomely to their competitors. Of course, with a lesser known, lesser price UTV that is made in China some questions get raised. But when thinking of the price, remember that a lot of bigger companies outsource their engines and other parts that make their equipment top of the line, while CFMOTO has been the one supplying those parts for many years.

CFMOTO’s equipment has the looks to compare, automotive paint that proves more durable than the plastic paint and vinyl dye on other models on the market, multiple color choices on all of their vehicles, and a lot of added features that would cost you more money anywhere else.

In terms of performance, CFMOTO keeps up with their high CC custom made engines, custom tires and wheels that are meant to keep mud from sticking, independent shocks, and adequate ground clearance. Any terrain will be no problem for CFMOTO equipment to handle.

CFMOTO has proven for years the effectiveness of its parts and service to other companies worldwide. Now it is time for them to shine. The world is becoming more familiar with CFMOTO products and CFMOTO wants to make sure that when you buy, you are confident in your purchase. That is why they offer a 2-year warranty on every product in their lineup. They want to remove skepticism from your thought process and deliver you a piece of equipment you will love for a long time.