8 Best Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs

Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs

Camping doesn’t always have to be super luxurious. If you just need a trailer to sleep in with some minor storage capacities, a small travel trailer under 1500lbs is exactly what you need. The best part is, you can pull these little guys with a car! Small trailers are perfect for someone who is on a budget, so you can’t go wrong with choosing to go small. Some small travel trailers start around $3,000.00 while some can be around $15,000.00.

If you are worried about missing out on the luxuries of a full-size trailer, don’t worry! These little guys offer the same luxuries in a smaller space. So, if you’re a minimalist or you can’t afford to upgrade your small car to truck and you are looking for a travel trailer, here are some of the best in the market:

1. Little Guy Trailers Meerkat

Weighing in at 900 pounds, the Little Guy Trailers Meerkat is the perfect choice for a small trailer. Usually when you are looking to go with a small trailer, you don’t expect too many luxuries. This is what makes the Meerkat stand out! This little guy features standing head room, a port-o-potty, and refrigerator! Most small trailers do not offer a bathroom, so that is the one thing that will stand out about this trailer compared to any other one on this list and on the market.

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You can’t go wrong with choosing a trailer that gives you the privacy and luxury of your own throne. Another great thing about the Meerkat is that it is small enough to fit inside of a standard garage. This will take away from you having to pay to store your camper somewhere when you aren’t using it.


  • One burner butane stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Port-o-potty
  • Standing head room
  • Wrap around seating area
  • Table that turns into a double bed
  • Closet
  • Sink
  • Under seat storage

The Meerkat can also be customized when bought new. You can choose the color of the exterior of the trailer and also the fabric on the seats on the interior.

Average Cost: $13,850.00 USD

2. Weiscraft Little Joe

At 1,100 pounds, this trailer is perfect for compact travel. I like the Little Joe because it is pretty spacious feeling for a small trailer. At 12’6” by 5’8”, this little trailer is a little bigger than your other options. It gives you the basic sleeping arrangement you need, while also providing you with some amenities. The only downfall of this trailer is that it does not include a toilet or port-o-potty unless you customize it to have one. Even though the standard model does not give you luxury of your own toilet, the Little Joe still makes my list due to its storage capacity, customizable options, and large bed.


  • Sink
  • Double burner stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Table
  • Optional toilet
  • Optional microwave
  • Optional Awning

MSRP: $15,300.00

3. The Relic Travel Trailer

This tiny trailer is seriously something special. This trailer is going to be the first choice if you are a lover of all things vintage. When traveling with the Relic, you will feel like you are camping in the 60’s. Weighing in at 1,000 pounds, this vintage style, unique trailer is definitely something to consider.

This trailer is completely customizable and every trailer features 12 volt lighting, solid wood cabinets, the ability to sleep 2 comfortably, chrome handles, 4 inch cushions, and laminate countertops with vintage options. The Relic comes in three color options: Relic Red, Buttercup Yellow, and Celeste Blue. They also have 2 limited edition colors: Flamingo Pink and Jetson Black. Another thing I like about the Relic is that it also includes a fire extinguisher and smoke detector for safety! If all of this isn’t enough for you already, check out the incomparable amount of add on options for your Relic Travel Trailer:

Optional Features:

  • Air conditioner
  • Awning rail
  • Battery packs
  • Cable tv hookup
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • City water direct hookup
  • Closet
  • Portable RV toilet
  • Dining table to match countertop
  • Extra outlets
  • Fresh water fill hook up
  • Refrigerator
  • LED lights
  • Leak Detector
  • Marine grade snore power connection
  • Mounted stabilizer jacks
  • Propane tanks that match exterior color
  • Solar Panels
  • Stainless Stove
  • Stainless sink
  • Upper wood cabinetry for the front or rear
  • Vintage drawer and cabinet handles
  • Vintage interior lighting
  • Vintage reproduction door lock
  • Vintage style jalousie windows
  • Water tank and pump system
  • White wall tires with baby moon caps
  • Wood finishes for the cabinets

Drop into a completely vintage world with the Relic Travel Trailer!

MSRP: $19,900.00

4. Timberleaf Classic

Weighing in at 1,400 pounds, this teardrop style travel trailer is the perfect lightweight travel trailer. The coolest part about this trailer, is the look. Instead of trying to squeeze all of the cabinetry inside the trailer, it is located under a rear hatch! This leaves enough space for a queen size mattress inside the camper for maximum comfort!


  • Sink with cold water dispenser
  • 11-gallon water tank
  • Pull out stovetop
  • Two windows
  • Two doors
  • Full size spare tire
  • Vintage style
  • Four outlets
  • 20 square feet of counterspace

This teardrop trailer also comes with the opportunity to upgrade. Some of the available upgrades include an attachable table for the outside of the trailer, a roof rack, 45-liter custom cooler, fridge, rear trailer jacks, aluminum storage box, 2 burner stove, solar panel, air conditioning, 83×79 inch awning, and a Colorado queen mattress.

MSRP: $21,500.00 USD

5. Rustic Trail Papa Bear

I put this little trailer on my list because you just can’t beat the price! With most of the same features of all the other trailers on my list, this is the best lightweight trailer you can get on a budget. Weighing in at 1,295 pounds, this trailer is the perfect size for towing on a smaller vehicle. Every standard Papa Bear trailer comes with a 3,500 pound heavy duty axle with Dexter E-Z lube, electric trailer brakes, an insulated roof, a receiver for bikes and cargo, a MaxxAir vent/fan, full size spare tire, screen door, window with sunshade, power strip with USB ports, and dual USB charging ports at the head of the bed. On top of all that, you can also add a few of these awesome extra features:

  • 5,000 BTU air conditioner
  • Battery kit with solar port
  • Full roof rack
  • ARB awning
  • Front rack
  • Front rack box
  • Outside outlet
  • Outside table
  • 20” tall vinyl wrap
  • 15” alluminum rims
  • An Upgraded Deluxe MaxxAir Fan

MSRP: $6,700.00 USD

6. Oregon Trail’r Terra-Drop Alpha Trailer

The only reason I put this trailer on the list is because it is the perfect off-roading companion. If the purpose you are buying a small trailer is because you are planning to travel a great deal into the forest on off road paths that can’t handle a full-size trailer, this is the perfect pick for you. With the very basic model coming in at just 1,500 pounds, this trailer is lightweight and able to tow by any size vehicle.

The reason these trailers are perfect for..well..the trail is because they are outfitted with a fully-independent reliable suspension and a re-enforced ultra-strong chassis. Another cool thing about this trailer is that it has a seem-less, scratch proof wrap around its exterior which provides and extremely durable protective shield from all of the elements. You will never have to worry about a leak in this trailer! Another amazing aspect is that the trailer itself is built with stainless steel instead of aluminum, so you never have to worry about corrosion.


  • Internal wooden storage compartments
  • Optional spare tire
  • Pull out shelves with Entertainment Center
  • Queen size bed
  • USB and 12v outlets
  • 3-speed fan
  • Reading lights
  • Rear galley with fold out two-burner stove
  • Sink
  • Marine grade battery
  • Optional stainless steel sink
  • Under counter storage space
  • 4 four-gallon water packs for a total of 16 gallons of fresh water
  • Porch lights
  • Optional roof rack
  • Optional heavy duty tires
  • Optional exterior side table
  • Optional spare tire with mount
  • Optional wired solar panel

MSRP: $16,000.00 USD

7. The American Dream Trailer

Here’s another trailer for the vintage lovers out there. This 650- pound trailer is also a combo with a boat! It has all of your standard features and sleeps 2 comfortably while offering a boat strapped to the roof. This trailer is an updated replica of the original 1961 fiberglass teardrop trailer, the Trailerboat.


  • Rear galley
  • Rear storage
  • Row boat with 500 pound capacity and outboard motor
  • Secondary roof below row boat
  • Full Cotton Cloud mattress
  • Interior shelves
  • Vintage style windows with ability to pop out
  • Back door folds down for use as a 2×3 table
  • Optional boat assist bar
  • Optional tail lights
  • Optional cabin side table
  • Optional convertible couch bed
  • Optional interior power outlets

MSRP: $ 8,900.00 USD

8. Colorado Base Drop Trailer

This 1,000-pound trailer is another great choice if you are looking for a small trailer. With an aluminum frame and a full-size queen mattress, you will get full comfort in this lightweight, teardrop style travel home. This trailer is a great choice if you are looking for something with storage. The rear galley has a 30”x58” countertop with a diamond plate aluminum storage underneath. It also has three extra storage compartments for food, silverware, or anything you need. There are also 2 additional shelves in each of the ends of the galley and there are two lights so you can see what you are doing when night time comes around. Check out some of the other awesome features this trailer provides:


  • Fully insulated walls, floor, ceiling, and doors.
  • Two doors
  • Queen size mattress
  • Two reading lights
  • Interior shelving
  • 15” tires
  • 2’x5’ interior storage space

Some extra upgrades you can choose with your trailer are a stargazer window, solar panel, Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station, LED lights/fan/plugs & wiring, hot water, shower nozzle, 4” memory foam mattress, stove slider, spare tire, roof rack, hickory wood upgrade, 11- pound propane tank with stainless steel side mount, electric brakes, trailer hitch, and L-Shape galley counter expansion.

MSRP: $13,900.00


There are plenty more options for a small sized travel trailer, but the contenders on this list are certainly at the top of their game. With off-roading options and the perfect lake partner you can’t go wrong. So, if you have a smaller car and want to enjoy the camping life, don’t hesitate to go for a smaller travel trailer.

They may not be as luxurious and spacious as a normal trailer, but they offer a lot of the same amenities and give you the same amount of sleeping space. Whether you are driving up a mountain in rugged terrain, heading off to your favorite campsite, or traveling to the lake with your significant other, these trailers will offer you everything you need to get you where you need to go.