5 Best Pontoon Seats

Best Pontoon Seats

Pontoon boats have maintained their status among leisure boats in the market for a long time. This has been made possible by their excellent fittings and exceptional designs. At the core of their functionality is the pontoon seat, which is not only essential but can also be costly. Pontoon seats are made with user experience in mind. They are designed to suit all your comfort needs well. However, despite their high quality and longevity, you might have to replace them from time to time. This often happens when you want to reorganize your boat’s sitting position or replace old seats with new and better-performing seats.

Wanting to replace your pontoon boat seats is one thing and finding the right replacement seats is another. The market is awash with different brands of seats. You, therefore, have to comb through countless brands to find one that suits your needs well. In addition to this, you want to find seats that will fit nicely into your boat. The seat also needs to be sturdy, comfortable and maintain its great look even under harsh weather. Fortunately, some brands meet all these criteria and more. This guide will take you through the process of finding the best pontoon seats in the market.

Tips for Finding the Best Pontoon Seats

When finding a pontoon boat seat, you need to determine the type of material the boat seat is made of, the fabric’s durability, and the comfort the pontoon boat seat offers. You also need to consider the seat’s resistance to UV and water damage, and finally, the cost of buying the seat and the duration of its warranty.

You always have to ensure that you are getting value for your money in terms of quality, cost and durability. You have to ensure you get seats that will look good on your boat as well as make you confident enough to show the pontoon boat seats to your friends.

Asking yourself the right questions before purchasing a pontoon boat seat helps you examine your seat’s quality and furnish you with all the right idea of the value of money you get from making certain purchases. Considering how expensive pontoon boat seats are, it essential to ensure you get maximum value from your purchase.

In most cases, boaters overlook the pontoon boat seat brand when making their purchase. This later proves to be a poor decision. Typically, different brands have a unique feature that sets them apart from their competition. Therefore, by learning more about a brand, you get to understand what you will get from purchasing their product before committing yourself. You need to trust the brand before you buy their product. Here is a list of some of the top pontoon boat seat brands you should consider buying.

  • DeckMate Classic
  • Wise Premier Series
  • PontoonStuff Premium Pontoon Seats
  • Lippert Components
  • Everything Pontoon Premium

These are the best pontoon seat brands available in the market today. Their products have a good reputation in the market. While these brands stand tall in the competitive pontoon boat seat market, each of them offers a unique value proposition through their products. Additionally, these brands provide a range of pontoon boat seats like captain seats, corner seats and bench seats.

Best Pontoon Boat Seats

This list examines the best pontoon boat seats in the market. Find one that suits your needs and purchase it for your boat.

Wise Premier Series Pontoon (view on Amazon)

Wise premier series pontoon is one of many boater’s favorites in the market today. It is affordable and readily accessible through online retail platforms like Amazon and delivered to your location in a short period. It comes with all the comfort you would wish in a pontoon boat seat. It is a high-quality seat that can be found at a very pocket-friendly price. Additionally, it is available in many different colors that will allow you to customize your pontoon boat and fulfill your desire. The wise premier series pontoon can also be purchased alongside armrests, a captain bucket seat and a corner seat.

The seat’s frame is made of plastic, reducing your seat’s chances of suffering from wood-rotting or metal corrosion. The plastic material is strong and very durable, which increases your chair’s longevity. In addition to these, this seat’s seating depth is 18 inches, which is very deep. You, therefore, have to be prepared to sink deep into the boat. For this reason, not most boaters will love this particular seat. However, its overall quality is excellent.

Despite its outstanding qualities, the wise premier series pontoon has its fair share of disadvantages. One of these drawbacks is the lack of cup holders. At first, this might not seem like much until you sit on it with a bottle of beer and lack a surface to place it. Fortunately, you can purchase a cup holder separately from the chair and install it on this seat. While this will cost you extra cash, you would have gotten a seat that suits your needs and solves your cup holder problem. The wise brand has a great stainless dual pontoon cup holder (view on Amazon). When you install this cup holder, the wise premier series pontoon seat will be the best boat seat you will have on your boat.

Apart from this particular seat, Wise is an excellent brand with more exceptional seats. However, it would be best if you focused on buying their premier series seats. Another great thing about this brand is that they have most of their products on Amazon. Therefore, all you need to do is to place your order and have a seat shipped to your location.

DeckMate Classic Pontoon Boat Seats (view on Amazon)

DeckMate classic pontoon boat seat is yet another great seat in the market today. DeckMate is a highly reputable brand in the market known mainly for its great boat seats and accessories. This brand makes different types of pontoon boat seats. In addition to this, they provide matching corner seats.

This seat is comfortable to sit on and offers excellent value for money. Each of the seat’s form cushions is built from a combination of soft and dense foam to provide you with great comfort and support. Like the wise seat, the DeckMate classic pontoon boat seat is made from one hundred percent plastic frames that protect the seat from metal corrosion and wood rot. In addition to this, the seat’s backrest bolts to a wholly enclosed plastic base and its seat cushion hinges in the right position.

The seat upholstery comes with a three-year warranty while its frames come with a lifetime warranty. With this proposition, you are getting a lot of value for your money. However, it would be best if you read through the company’s warranty terms of service to understand what they cover.

DeckMate pontoon boat seats are very durable. These seats are made of 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl that is treated coated to surpass minimum industry UV resistance and mildew standards in place. This seat also protects your boat’s flooring through the seat bases molded drain channels. These channels allow water to flow from your deck instead of being trapped on deck and destroying your boat’s flooring.

Other than the DeckMate classic pontoon boat seat, the company offers DeckMate premium, DeckMate bucket seats, DeckMate flip flop seats, and DeckMate corner seats.

Lippert Components

Lippert is a renowned brand manufacturing more than marine goods and products. It also offers furniture, electronics, appliances and many more boat products. In general, the Lippert pontoon boat seat is one of the greatest in terms of comfort and price.

Lippert has a variety of different bench seats whose prices differ depending on the seat’s size. All the seats made by this brand use marine-grade vinyl that resists UV-rays, mold and mildew. Unlike the DeckMate and Wise premier boat seat, the Lippert seat frame is made of a stainless steel frame. All these components are pieced together with splendid mastery to last you for an extended period. The seat is also sturdy and comfortable.

You can easily find Lippert boat seat on Amazon in three different colors, which are beige, white and grey. These options allow you to customize the color of your boat interior. In addition to this, the seat comes with a big dry storage area fitted with drainage channels and corrosion-resistant fasteners. These features keep your boat’s flooring and the seat safe.

Lippert also has a corner seat, bucket seat, fold-down seat, flip flop seat, and mobile cup holder.

PontoonStuff Bench Seats (view on Amazon)

PontoonStuff is a popular brand among pontoon boat owners known for their high-quality boat fittings, including seats. PontoonStuff stands out from other pontoon boat seat manufacturers because they manufacture and sell all their products on their own. This reduces the cost of their products as you will not pay any middle man during the transaction. You will also get your concerns addressed quickly.

PontoonStuff prioritizes its clients. For this, they provide a detailed explanation of their products. They offer videos, pictures and a written description of a product before you can commit yourself. This ensures you buy a product that you truly understand and believe.

PontoonStuff bench seat comes in a variety of colors, which allow you to customize your boat to your liking. They also offer pillowed seats that are double stitched, which offer your boat an amazing look. According to the company’s product description, this seat is designed to last. It is made from 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl that is treated and coated to surpass UV and mildew resistance market standards set by industry regulators.

The base of this seat has molded drain channels that hinders your sears from holding water. In addition to this, the seat comes with a three-year full seat warranty. However, this seat is not cheap. It is one of the most expensive pontoon boat seats in the market. Fortunately, it gives value for money. You will not have to incur any expense when anything happens to the seat within the warranty period. However, you have to read the warranty’s term of service to understand the finer details fully.

EverythingPontoon Pontoon Boat Seat (view on Amazon)

EverythingPontoon is a renowned brand that specializes in pontoon products. It offers different color combinations for you to select from, giving you the ability to customize your boat’s interior to your liking. The company allows you to choose the main color and an accent color.

This seat comes with a water drainage system that ensures water is not trapped inside the seat. Instead, the water flows away from your boat, offering protection to your boat’s seat and flooring. It also has wedged seats that help with the draining and stops water from forming a puddle.

This list makes it easy for you to find the best pontoon boat seat for your boat. Anyone of these seats offers great value for money.