Best Pontoon Boat Grill

Ordinarily, grilling is one of the most fulfilling activities in a home. Often, you do it with your friends and family close, thus experiencing the best of both family time and food. Grilling on a pontoon takes this experience a notch higher by combining relaxation with great family time and delicious food. In addition to this, the adventure of grilling on a pontoon boat is twice as enjoyable as doing it at your backyard. However, to do it successfully, you need a strong, durable, and powerful grill.

Most pontoon grills are made specifically for the boat. It has square rail mounts that strongly grip your pontoon as you float idly on water. However, like most other products in the market, you are likely to find both lousy and great grills. Unfortunately, some manufacturers’ brand grills would otherwise not work well on land to be used on boats. This causes the strong winds to put out the fire while water to rust the grill. For this reason, you need to know how to identify a good grill.

Ideally, a good grill heats evenly and remains consistently lit despite the pontoon boat moving quickly. The grill should attach easily and securely to the square railings of your pontoon boat. Additionally, the grill should stay rust-free and sustainably clean.

Best Pontoon Boat Grill Bracket

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Best pontoon boat grills are made of materials that do not rust easily. Most are made of stainless steel because it is easy to clean and does not rust when exposed to the harsh water environment. Apart from the material used in making the grill, the design of your grill plays an important role in ensuring it stays lit at all times. Here is a list of the best pontoon boat grill bracket.

Arnall’s Boating Grill and Grill Bracket Set (view on Amazon)

Arnall’s Boating Grill Bracket Set makes it easy for users to pick up their favorite barbeque grill and mount it easily and quickly on their boat’s rail. This grill has been carefully made to suit the marine environment. For starters, it is made using steel that has been electroplated using zinc, making it a durable solution to your pontoon grilling problem. You can use this grill bracket for many years.

The grill bracket is also fairly small. Therefore, when you are done using it in your pontoon boat, you can remove it and store it easily until when you need to use it again.

This grill bracket is best suited for most flat-bottomed grills, which are on the market today because it will not dent or scratch your pontoon railing. In many ways, the Arnall’s boating grill bracket set is a good grilling option that will make your grill accessible to you even while cruising on water using your pontoon boat.

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill (view on Amazon)

The Magma Marine Kettle combines style and functionality is a small-sized grill. The grill is made of mirrored stainless steel. Like most grills, the Magma Marine Gas grill has a control valve that does everything else apart from eliminating blow-outs. The grill uses a standard 1-pound propane canister. This system can also be converted into a fully natural gas system.

The grill cooks food evenly because of its bowl shape, which allows it to distribute heat evenly across the grill. It also becomes very hot without consuming a lot of fuel. The only downside of this great grill is that it does not come with the necessary hardware needed to mount it on a pontoon boat. However, it still stands as one of the best grills for boat owners to have.

Extreme Marine Products Modified Cuisinart Grill & Arnall’s Bracket Set (view on Amazon)

The extreme marine grill is a combination of a modified Cuisinart BBQ grill and the Arnall’s Bracket System. This makes it very easy for boat owners to mount it on their pontoon boats and remove it from the boat. This grill comes as a complete package with both the mount for attaching it on the boat’s rail and a solid rear mount that is used for holding on the grill’s propane tank. This grill system also has its own unique ignition system that makes it easy for you to start a fire. It also grills meat evenly. Anyone with a knack for open water barbeque should consider having this grill in their next water cruise.

Magma Connoisseur Series A10-803 Portable Grill (view on Amazon)

This grill is made from 18-8 polished stainless-steel. It is fitted with a balanced over-sized lid and has an intimidating appearance. Surprisingly, the Magma Connoisseur Series A10-803 portable grill can be moved easily from one location to another because of its full-length handle and fold-away legs.

The Magma Connoisseur Series A10-803 portable grill can be assembled easily for grilling following a few simple steps. BY design, this grill has a lock-in grease tray that keeps it fairly clean at all times. It also has a swiveling valve that makes swapping gas bottles to and from the grill, very fast and easy. This piece of equipment makes grilling an enjoyable process.

Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane Grill (view on Amazon)

Kuuma Stow and Go 160 propane grill can either be used on a deck or attached to a pontoon boat’s railing using a mounting kit. The mounting kit for this grill is sold separately. Therefore, you need to ask for the mounting kit or order a mounting kit as you order for the grill.

Fortunately, Kuuma Stow and Go 160 propane grill does not need to be assembled in any way. You can pull it out from its packaging and begin using it immediately. It is made of stainless steel and uses refillable tanks or disposable fuel bottles. It has a removable grease tray, which makes it easy for anyone to use the grill. It also cooks food evenly. This grill is ideal for a great barbeque session on your pontoon boat. It can also be used as a gift to those who love having a good time on the water.

While this list provides the best grills for a pontoon boat, you need to understand why only these few grills made it to this list and more details about what you need to look for when finding a great pontoon grill to buy.

What to Look for When Finding a Pontoon Grill

As the popularity of boat grills increases, manufacturers release different types and qualities of grills into the market. For this reason, you need to be keen on the features of the grill. Here are some of the crucial components that you should look for when finding a good pontoon boat grill.

The shape of the grill

The shape of your grill is also an important feature to consider when finding the best pontoon boat grill. Conventionally, kettle shaped grills have dominated the market. However, things are changing with differently shaped grills being introduced into the market. Dome or kettle shaped grills are good at deflecting wind and distributing heat within the grill evenly to achieve a properly cooked meat. Nonetheless, square and rectangular grills provide a more grilling surface. This could be the reason why most pontoon boat owners are shifting from kettle shaped grills to square and rectangular-shaped grills.


You first need to inspect the grill’s housing. Good grill housing is made of stainless steel custom made for marine applications. If you use the grill on saltwater, you have to ensure the housing is made of 316 stainless steel because this specific type of stainless steel has a very high tensile strength. It is also resistant to corrosion. However, grills using this type of grills are not easily found in the market, making them pricier than ordinary stainless steel grills.

If you use your grill exclusive on freshwater, you can choose the 18-8 grade of stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is more corrosive resistant than the ordinary steel that is the 304 stainless steel. However, it is not as corrosive resistant as the 316 stainless steel. The 18-8 grade of stainless steel is mostly used in the manufacture of most grills. It is mostly polished to become a very highly mirrored sheen.

In spite of the grade of stainless steel a grill uses, you have to make sure it has a double liner, where one is on the outside while the other is on the inside of the shell. This layering protects the metal from discoloration. It also protects your grill against gas leaks. The layer also keeps the outer part of the grill cool, making it safe to use around kids and adults.

Size of the Grill

The size of your grill is very important as it determines the amount of food that can be processed per unit time. A larger grill allows you to grill a considerable amount of steak, burgers, fish, hot dogs, and pork that you can enjoy with your friends aboard the pontoon boat. It would be best if you considered getting 22-inch grills in square or rectangular grills and 15 to 17-inches among kettle grills. Get a size that will serve your needs properly. However, you need to know that the larger the grill, the more fuel you will need to maintain it.

Fuel Type

It would be best if you also determined the fuel type that you want your marine grill to use. Most grills today use propane. However, there are many grills in the market using different types of fuel. Some of these fuel sources include natural gas and charcoal. Ideally, charcoal grills are cheaper than other grills in the market. Some people prefer a charcoal grill to propane and natural gas. Charcoal infuses a smoky flavor to the meat. However, other people prefer propane and natural gas because they are cleaner. Eventually, you have to make the decision yourself.

Type of Mount

The type of grill you buy depends on how you intend to use the grill. Some grills have a shore stand that makes it easy for these types of grills to stand on their own. Other grills require a mounting to stand on the rails of your pontoon boat. You also have to know that not all grills that have shore stands are well suited to be used in your boat’s deck.


When finding a grill, look for one that does not predispose you to safety risks. You also need to find one that you can easily implement all the safety precautions while using it on your pontoon boat. Grilling on a boat is not similar to grilling on land. Therefore, you have to make sure using the grill is safe.

This guide will help you find the best pontoon boat grill. Anyone of the grills mentioned here can serve you and your friends well on your next cruise. You have to ensure you find a grill with the features listed here.