9 Best Compound Bow Brands

Compound Bow

If you’ve found that a Recurve bow is just not fitting your archery needs, or you are finding you just don’t have the upper body strength or stealth to use a Recurve bow, you may be looking into purchasing a Compound Bow. With a hefty price tag, this task can be found intimidating.

You definitely don’t want to be spending one thousand dollars or more on something that doesn’t have the tech you are looking for. That is why we compiled this list. We kept everything in mind to make it easier for you to choose which bow to go with. These bows are some of the top in the market right now, so you can’t go wrong.

These companies know that if you are spending so much money on the best compound bow, you want it to have all the bells and whistles, the best tech, and for it to look the way you want it. With many customizable color options, you’ll have the bow of your dreams. Take a look at what bows we rated as the top in their market, and why:


What makes this bow one the best on the market? The first thing we like about this bow is that it has the most comfortable modular grips of any bow out there. This low profile, Clutch Performance grip is available in 4 different colors as well.

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We also like that this bow was made with Strategic Weight Placement. This bow was made for comfort, so Bowtech made sure this bow was perfectly balanced. This results in the Realm being the smoothest, fastest speed bow on draw and shot that you will ever shoot.

Not only is it smooth and fast, but this bow was built with an incredible amount of stability. The limbs are locked into place with set screws, which eliminates shifting and elongates condition.

Bowtech also uses a great piece of tech in their compound bows called OverDrive Binary Cams. These Cams allow you to adjust your string path easily and put the energy directly behind the arrow. This helps to maximize your down range accuracy.

They also use another great piece of tech called the FLX-Guard. Usually, you can feel torque on the riser when you draw at full. With the FLX-Guard, you will terminate that torque by flexing the cable rod inward on the draw. This also maximizes your accuracy.

Check out the specs of this amazingly fast bow:

  • 32” in length
  • 352 Feet-per-second
  • 25.5-30” draw length
  • 50,60, and 70-pound draw weight
  • 4.3-pound total weight.
  • Color Options: black, mossy oak, brown country roots, smoke grey, OD green, flat dark earth, mossy oak breakup country, kryptek altitude, gore subalpine, gore elevated 2, realtree edge

MSRP: $1,099.00 USD


Bowtech also has another bow called the Revolt which is made with a different kind of Cam called Deadlock Cams. These are similar to the Overdrive Binary Cams, except you set the Cams to the position of the arrow and lock it into place. Then, the energy is directly behind the arrow for full force and accuracy. The Revolt also has the Clutch Performance Grips, just like the Realm.

This bow also has a piece of tech that Bowtech calls the Deadlock Pocket. The Deadlock Pocket locks every component in the bow as one. No moving parts, rattling, or loosening calls for the best accuracy you can ask for.


  • 30-inch total length
  • 335 Feet per second
  • 36-31-inch draw length
  • 50,60, and 70-pound draw length
  • 4.3 pounds
  • 15 different color choices (11 are camo types)
  • 4 different color grip choices

MSRP: $1,099.00 USD


The Mathews Vertix is a unique bow because it uses a unique piece of technology called a Switchweight module. This module lets you change your peak draw weight in 5- pound increments. Mathew’s also introduces a brand-new feature called the Engage Grip. The Engage Grip ensures consistent hand placement.

The thing that really stands out about this bow is that Mathew’s designed it to be quiet as it can be. They made the Vertix to be quieter and have 20% less vibration than their other bows.


  • 30” length
  • 6” Brace height
  • 343 Feet-per-second
  • 60,65,70, and 75-pound draw
  • 30.5-36-inch draw length
  • 4.67 pounds
  • 7 different color choices (5 camo types)

MSRP: $1,099.00 USD


The thing that stands out about this bow is the extended riser. Mathew’s put a different riser on this bow that is designed to cut weight, add strength, and add ability. The extended riser doesn’t alter your maneuverability, yet it increases cam efficiencies and creates the most stable and stealthy platform Mathew’s has in their product line.

Mathews designed the VRX to be compatible with their Silent Connect System kit. This kit attaches to your bow, and allows you to add the new Mathew’s bow rope and bow string for a more silent weapon.


  • 60,65,70, and 75-pound draw weight
  • 343 Feet-per-second
  • 31.5-inch length
  • 26.5-31-inch draw length
  • 8 colors available (5 camo types)

MSRP: $1,199.00 USD


This bow has the fastest feet-per-second we have seen so far, which makes it one of the fastest speed bows on the market. At 364 feet-per-second, you are going to want to show this bow off.


  • 364 feet-per-second
  • 33.31-inch length
  • 5-inch brace height
  • 34.5-30-inch draw length
  • Riser Colors: Realtree Edge, Badlands Approach FX, Molten Black, Tactical Sand, OPS Green
  • 11 Bow String Colors
  • Limb Finishes: Realtree Edge, Badlands Approach FX, Molten Black

MSRP: $1,099.00


Elite knows how much people like to fine tune their bows, that’s why they made the Kure. The Kure is able to adapt to almost anything you want to put on it. No matter what arrows you use, rest you install, grip you want, broadhead you use, the Kure will adapt to anything.

The Kure is the fastest-to-tune bow on the market today, and that is what makes it a number one for lead archers.


  • 32-inch length
  • 6.5-inch brace height
  • 23-30-inch draw length
  • 40-70- pound draw weight
  • 335 feet-per-second
  • Left hand capable
  • Riser colors: Graphite grey, outdoor brown, outdoor green, realtree escape, realtree edge, kuiu verde, silver alloy, purple rain, cobalt blue, copper flame, sour apple, laguna teal, ninja black
  • Ninja Black limb color

MSRP: $1,099.99


The Helix is one of the best compound bows on the market because stability was their top priority when they designed it. It features a ZT Pro Cam and Helix Shock Pods that dampen the vibration in the riser.

You will also get a smooth draw with this bow with their Helix Roller Cable Guard technology. Hoyt engineered these roller guards for a smoother draw with reduced friction.

Hoyt also upgraded this bow with Helix Stealthshot. The Stealthshot upgrade minimizes noise, and increases the accuracy of your shot by allowing a cleaner and crisper arrow release.

Check all the specs of this high-tech bow below:


  • 342 feet-per-second
  • 30.5-inch length
  • 6-inch brace height
  • 4.3- pounds

MSRP: $1,199.00 USD


This bow makes our list because it is built with the very successful Evolve Cam System. This system features a quad track with split cables. This reduces the lean of the Cam and the facilitating level nock travel. Plus, they took care in enhancing their riser design so that it is bridged on the top and bottom for increased stability. Another cool feature of this bow is that it has an adjustable let off, which you don’t see often with bows.

If you are one for style, PSE offers Livewire string that color coordinates with your bow.

PSE also took good care in making sure their bow was well balanced, and did so while maintaining and incredibly light 4.2- pound total weight.


  • 6-inch brace height
  • 4.2 pounds total weight
  • 31-inch height
  • 342-336 feet-per-second
  • 50,60,65,70, or 80- pound draw weight
  • 24.5-30-inch draw length

MSRP $1049.99


The Obsession Lawless 4T is one of the best speed compound bows on the market with one of the fastest FPS at 356. The Lawless breezes by other models similar to it with speed. It features the 4 track Cam system, and a rotating module for adjustable draw lengths with no bow press required!

Obsession also wanted you to look good while you were shooting the fastest bow out there, that is why they offer it with 29 riser color, 9 string colors, and 3 cam colors!

Left handers, don’t feel disappointed! Obsession made this bow with you in mind. You can choose a left-hand model!


  • 5.12-inch brace height
  • 356 feet-per-second
  • 33.25- inch length
  • 24.5-30-inch draw length with half sizes available
  • 4.1- pound total weight
  • Left-handed option available

MSRP: $999.00 USD


Even though this bow is limited edition, we still wanted to add it to our list. Bear has really show themselves with this bow. This bow is unlike ANY other on the market because it is a shoot-through. What does that mean? The Perception is designed to shoot THROUGH the riser. This has never been done before by any other company, so it is truly one of a kind.

Not only is it one of a kind, it can also compete with all the other “big-boys” because it has a FPS of 350.

You might be thinking that the Perception is heavier because it has this additional piece, but Bear still maintained to keep a very low weight of only 4.3 pounds.

The shoot-through riser offers more stability and less torque, which is why shoot-through technology is so popular on target bows. Bear made this bow with hunting in mind, and wanted you to get the best shot possible on your prey.

Although Bear does not typically offer many color options for their bows, they did add a bit of flare to the Perception. They added a comfortable wood side plated grip, which can optionally be removed.


  • 33-inch length
  • 350 feet-per-second
  • 4.3-pound total weight
  • 40-60 and 55-70- pound draw weights
  • 25.5-30- inch draw length
  • Right handed only

MSRP: $1,499.00 USD


If you are looking for the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. These companies have reinvented their own tech and applied more advanced tech to their bows to make stabilization, sound reduction, and faster FPS their total focus. With the products they have put on the market, I think they all succeeded. These companies offer comparable products at lower costs too, so if these models are a little too high in your price range, you can always check out their other models with comparable or the same tech for a lower price.

Reminder: Don’t forget to price add-on’s and other equipment into your budget. These items are essential for completing the package of what you will need for your compound bow. Take a list of everything you will need and price your add-ons first. Subtract the total cost from your budget and you will know how much you can reasonably spend on your Compound Bow.

It is important to be comfortable with your choice and love the equipment you buy. Customize it for you, and love it! We recommend heading over to a dealer that carries these brands to hold and see these models before ordering online. You want to make sure the model will suit you before spending a lot of money on it.

Good luck finding your next new Compound Bow! Have fun, and be safe.