Best 6 Seater Side by Side

6- Seater UTV’s are the perfect outdoor vehicle for the whole family to enjoy. That is why we have compiled this list of some of the best UTV’s suited for the whole family. These vehicles are perfect to fit the whole family comfortably while still offering a fun, enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking for something for recreational use, or as a working vehicle, these selections will help you decide what features are most important and will help you decide what vehicle will best suit your needs.

Whether it is the type of terrain, towing capacity, comfortability or power to navigate through mud and over rocks, there are a variety of options to fit all your needs with a starting MSRP. Before you go to a dealership, it is best to know exactly what you are looking for. Here are the best 9 vehicles that will seat 6 passengers and get the job done:

1. Polaris Ranger Crew 570-6

Polaris Ranger Crew 570-6

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With a 44-horsepower engine, the Polaris Ranger Crew 570-6 is the perfect vehicle to navigate through any terrain. The engine along with it’s Electronic Fuel Injection and On-Demand All Wheel drive will give you the traction you need to get through it all. Another amazing feature in this vehicle is its towing capacity. At 1,500 pounds, this vehicle can tow much more than it’s equals. On top of that, it features an 800-pound cargo box capacity, which gives it a grand total capacity of 2,300 pounds! With 10 inches of ground clearance and large 25-inch tires, you are sure to make it over any obstacle that comes your way.

Some more cool features of the Polaris Ranger Crew 570-6 that are note-worthy are the add-ons. When customizing your vehicle you can add features like a Sports Roof, a Hard Coat Poly Windshield, a Poly Rear Panel, a Winch with either 3,500 or 4,500 pound capacity, a large assortment of lights, a Gun Boot, Cargo Bed Mat, Chainsaw Mount, Spare Tire Carrier, Tool Rack, Boomless Utility Sprayer, and an assortment of Cooler’s.

All in all, we think this vehicle is the perfect companion for the whole family, with the storage capacity to hold equipment for all, the comfortable capacity to seat 6, and enough accessories to make everyone happy.

MSRP- Starts at $12,199.00 USD

2. Can Am Defender Max XT

Can Am Defender Max XT

If you are looking for a 6-seater with a lot of power, the Can Am Defender Max XT is the vehicle for you. With an 88-horsepower engine. This vehicle leads the industry in towing capacity with a whopping 2,500 pounds., and features a 4,500-pound capacity winch. The Can Am Defender Max XT also features Dynamic Power Steering for less assistance at high speeds and more assistance at low speeds. Along with the ability and comfort to seat 6, the Can Am Defender Max XT also has an adjustable driver seat for added comfort. With an impressive 16.9 gallons of storage including a water-resistant toolbox, 6-gallon under dash storage compartment, and under seat storage, you will have no problem hauling belongings for all 6 riders. With 27-inch tires, you are assured a smooth ride, with the ability to get over any obstacle in your way.

MSRP- Starts at $26,899.00 USD

3. Yamaha Viking VI EPS- Ranch Edition

Yamaha Viking VI EPS- Ranch Edition

This vehicle is the leader in its class for comfort, which makes it the perfect choice for your family adventures. With an offset center seat and padded headrests, this vehicle offers maximum comfort for everyone, even the middle rider. Every seat is equipped with a 3-point harness and noise and vibration reduction for a smooth and quiet ride.

The Yamaha Viking VI EPS- Ranch Edition also features a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds and includes a 600-pound rear steel cargo bed capacity. Some extra notable features of this vehicle are the LCD display, steel skid plate under the frame for protection from rocks and rust, glove box, 8 cupholders, a rubber mat for the cargo bed for reduced noise and vibration, a 686cc engine, and a large 9.70-gallon fuel tank for a longer ride.

MSRP- Starts at $15,599.00 USD

4. Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT

This vehicle has a little more power to it with a 812cc engine, and also has an impressive 1 ton towing capacity! With a 10.2 foot ground clearance, the Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT is sure to clear any obstacle in it’s way. It also features a 7.9 gallon gas tank for a longer ride. What makes this vehicle stand out is it’s amazingly strong 1000 pound cargo bed capacity, and 1 ton towing capacity. The Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT has the option of being a 3 seater or 6 seater, with a maximum load capacity of 1616 pounds.

MSRP- Stars at $13,099.00 USD

5. Arctic Cat Prowler Pro Crew

Arctic Cat Prowler Pro Crew

This 6 passenger Side-by-Side features a Whisper- Quiet 812cc 3 cylinder engine for a quiet ride. This vehicle was designed to be quiet. How quiet? A shouting level decibel is about 100dB. While driving, the Prowler Pro is only 76dB! With an impressive 17.95 cubic feet of storage,17.72 cubic foot cargo box, multiple in cab storage compartments, a spacious glove box, and behind the seat storage, this vehicle can carry cargo comfortably for 6 people.

It also has an impressive 2000-pound towing capacity and a 1000-pound capacity for maximum hauling. With over fifty custom built accessories, you wont be disappointed with the capabilities of your Side-by-Side, or the look! Some accessories include a rearview mirror kit, full windshield, rear windshield, crew rood kit, winch mount, grille guard, brush guard, rear bumper, hard door kit, and the option of Polycarbonate windshields. An with a 12 month warranty when you buy new, you wont have to worry about insane out of pocket expenses if something goes wrong.

MSRP- Starts at $15,399.00 USD

6. Mahindra Crew Retriever1000 Diesel

Mahindra Crew Retriever1000 Diesel

You’ll get the most our of your haul with the Mahindra Crew Retriever 1000 with a 2,100-pound towing capacity and a 1,200-pound haul capacity. This vehicle features large tires at 27 inches, so you will never have a problem clearing what is in your path. With a seating capacity of 6, this vehicle can comfortably accommodate the whole family. Reaching top speeds of 33 miles per hour, and a 1000cc engine, you are sure to get a rush.

An attractive aspect to this vehicle is all of the available add- ons! You can add features such as a 72 inch snow plow, snow blower, hydraulic life, rough cutter, steel cab, steel manual wiper, 6 or 10 speaker sound bar, under seat storage, 2 or 4-gun gun rack, bed mat, tool box, roof rack, aluminum or thermoplastic roof, light kits, power steering kit, 4500 pound capacity winch and much more!

MSRP- Starts at $18,499.00 USD

7. Bennche Warrior Max 1000x

Bennche Warrior Max 1000x

This machine is perfect for those who live in a desert terrain and provides an unmatched smooth ride for all 6 passengers. With the upmost comfort, you are sure to enjoy your ride in one of the 6 bucket seats featured inside the vehicle. With a 1000cc, 85 horse power engine and an impressive fuel tank capacity of 12.7 gallons you will be sure to get power and longevity in the Bennche Warrior Max 1000x.

This vehicle also features a higher than average 12.5 inch ground clearance and 27 inch tires to clear any obstacle in it’s path. Another impressive feature in this vehicle is that it has Heating and AC in it’s fully enclosed climate controlled cab! Perfect for winter and summer exploration. With a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds and it’s cargo bed capacity is 500 pounds for all of your hauling needs.

MSRP- Starts at $26,995.00 USD

8. Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 High Lifter Edition

Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 High Lifter Edition

If your family is quite adventurous and you are in for an interesting ride, the Ranger Crew XP 1000 High Lifter Edition is the vehicle for you. This amazing vehicle sports 28-inch tires and arched A-Arms with mud bumpers for complete mud domination. With a 1000cc, 82 horsepower engine you will get power that is unmatched for getting through swamps and mud. This vehicle has an impressive 13.5-inch ground clearance, perfect for exploring mud depths and an expert of getting over anything in it’s path.

Built for a smooth ride, the Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 High Lifter Edition is your go-to for an enjoyable ride with the whole family. This amazing vehicle has Heavy Duty Armor to protect your vehicle from rocks, stumps, and things you can’t see. With Rearview Mirrors, Dry Storage Compartments, and additional 4 inches of leg room, 6 large cupholders, and a removable front grille for easy cleaning, this vehicle provides you with a clean look and an unmatched level of comfort.

MSRP: Starts at $22,099.00 USD

9. Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 Texas Edition

Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 Texas Edition

Polaris is ahead of the game when it comes to family UTV’s, and sports yet another family sized UTV that is perfect for you. With a 999cc, 82 horsepower engine, and 62 pounds of torque, this machine will help you take on the biggest tasks. This vehicle features a 13-inch ground clearance with a full body skid plate and a steel bumper to fully protect your UTV’s undercarriage and front end. What is different about the Texas Edition is that it provides a 900w charging system to make sure it runs without flaw.

This means it can support high powered lighting and audio accessories without delay. Another thing that makes this vehicle stand out is it’s 1000-pound cargo box capacity. This vehicle offers a plethora of features including half and full door sets, Poly or glass windows, door accent panels for a sleek look, rear Poly or glass panel, 300 pound rear winch, brush guards, lighting choices, hood and roof storage, gun boots, chainsaw mounts, plow systems from 66-7 inches, a variety of different coolers, and an impressive selection of tires.

MSRP- Starts at $20,299.00 USD


There are many different types and styles of UTV’s however, your selection for 6 seaters is limited. Before you commit yourself to a decision it is best to research the comfortablity and capabilities of different Side-by-Sides and try to select one that offers accomodations to your needs. If you are a farming family and are looking for something to use while working, perhaps something with a larger gas tank and heavier towing capabilities would be best.

If you are an adventurous family and plan to use the UTV strictly for recreational purposes, you might go for a vehicle with a higher ground clearance and more horsepower to tackle the mud puddles and give you a thrill. These options are a good start, and although there are few others out there these vehicles are in the top of their league. Good luck finding a vehicle perfect for your family!